Faces of KNOW: Pris Maynez

Pris Maynez is the owner and creator of 828 Sweet Events and 2019 KNOW Asheville Book.

Pris Maynez spent the early years of her career in the corporate sector but after moving to Asheville in 2015, she wanted to spend more time with her growing family.

Always having a love for crafts and DIY projects, she began playing around in the kitchen and teaching herself the art of baking. It was here when she saw a business opportunity that would allow her to pursue a passion right from the comfort of her home. As she put herself out there, she quickly began to see her home hobby morph into a wildly successful venture.

Her designs and creativity are what make her such a unique baker. After two years of juggling her cake business and family in her home kitchen, Pris now has her own studio where she continues to crank out gorgeous creations that look too good to eat—almost!

Pris also teaches private classes to people interested in the industry or just as a fun, get-together event.

Through all her hard work and talent, she won the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice award, which is a grand award to applaud.


We asked Pris to share FIVE FUN FACTS in order to get to KNOW herself better.

1. Rose` (the wine) and I are connected! We’re best friends!

2. I’ve never taken a cooking or baking class in my life!

3. I might show up late quite often, but I always bring snacks… or sweets!

4. I have a swimsuit addiction… I own over 50.

5. I’ve never seen a cake stand I dislike… also own over 50.


To connect with Pris, you can follow her on:

Instagram: @828sweetevents

Website: www.828sweetevents.com


Pris can be found on page 29 of our 2019 KNOW Asheville Book.