Faces of KNOW: Meet Monique Shaw!

A serial entrepreneur, Monique Shaw is Lead Designer & Staging of Homes Beautifully Interior Design & Staging, and 2018 KNOW Calgary Featuree.

Monique has run several businesses, from running a successful restaurant in London, England, to designing and running her own mother and baby-wear company in Britain. After completing her interior design training in London, Monique returned to Canada and now runs a boutique interior design firm and has appeared on t.v. on Homes And Lifestyles, as well as Style In The City television shows, where she was a featured expert on how to style and stage your home.

She creates glamorous environments for homeowners, sellers, home builders and realtors, giving homes that show home look and feel. Working with the media, she provides opinions on the Canadian staging market and is a home staging mentor. Monique loves exploring the mountains and beaches from L.A. to Kelowna and continues to dream about her next creation or venture. ‘Let’s take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.’

We asked Monique to share FIVE FUN FACTS in order to get to KNOW her better:

1. I am an avid beach and mountain woman! From Cali to Canmore, I just can’t get enough sun, sand, forests and hills.
2. I enjoy paddleboarding, hiking and skiing, and love doing so at different spots in Alberta and British Columbia.
3. I have both co-owned a restaurant and had my own line of clothing for mums and babies. Food and fashion are my other passions in life and I still love cooking and designing clothes!
4. Deep down family comes first and like most businesswomen, am always trying to balance prioritising my loved ones while running my empire. When I come home, the glam clothes become yoga gear and I’m ready to lend an ear.
5. I have done most things on my bucket list, including moving to London, England and living in the West End, just like the Pet Shop Boys song! Next up: dog sledding in those snowy mountains I love!

To connect with Monique, you can follow her at:

IG: @homesbeautifully

And Watch Monique’s interior design and home staging segments on television shows Homes And Lifestyles and Style In The City on YouTube and Vimeo!

You can find Monique on page 67 in KNOW Calgary Vol. 2!