Get to KNOW Mesha Davis: (Phoenix, AZ)


Mesha Davis is the CEO of Arizona Foundation for Women (AFW) and is a champion for women. She began in 2016 and successfully executed the organization’s signature event honoring actress Ashley Judd with the Sandra Day O’Connor Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Mesha was instrumental in hosting a release event for the latest Status of Women Report, a vital research piece that provides a clearer picture of the state of Arizona women. The report serves as a roadmap for AFW to prioritize the challenges women face, and develop strategies to solve these challenges through research, advocacy and philanthropy.  

Prior, Mesha was Chief Development Officer at Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. She completed a $10.1 million-dollar capital/capacity campaign. She held the its largest 25th anniversary annual fundraising gala, raising more than $750,000, ranking as one of Phoenix Business Journal’s Top Charity events. 

Mesha received the 2018 In Business Women of Achievement and 2017 Achieving My Purpose Women of Achievement awards. 

We asked Mesha to share FIVE Fun Facts in order to get to KNOW her better: 

1.I used to rock climb and had my certification in rock climbing at one time.
2. I love to horseback ride and wish I owned a horse.
3. I have no interior design skills but love doing home construction projects. For example, I’ve installed ceramic tile floors in a bathroom, installed double French doors in a previous master bedroom which connected to a sitting room loft outside the bedroom. After moving in with my hubby in Minnesota a long time ago, I turned his laundry room into an office. But first I had to re-install drywall to fix all the large holes our dog dug into the walls, install cabinets and flooring and a divider wall to hide the water softener, and heating and electrical units.
4. I learned how to water ski before I learned how to swim.
5.I love to dance, play golf, hike and travel.
I was almost expelled from kindergarten, grade school, middle school and high school.


What does female empowerment mean to you? 

“For every year you get a raise, put it away in a savings account, invest it or put into a retirement plan. If you were living fine with the amount you were making before the raise, you don’t need it and can save it for a rainy day and your future retirement”

·“When you die, you can’t take it with you; so remember to give back by donating some/all of it to charity.

To connect with Mesha, follow her on:

IG: @azfoundationwomen

P.s. You can find Mesha on pg. 106 of KNOW Phoenix Vol. 2!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀