Faces of KNOW: Meet McKenzie Cunningham!

McKenzie Cunningham is the founder and creator of the first for women, by women subscription box named SurSHE. She is also a KNOW Charlotte Volume 2 Featuree!

SurSHE provides women with a dose of encouragement, spark of empowerment, and sprinkle of “I get you” in every subscription box delivered to the doorstep. SurSHE, a play on sursee (an unexpected gift) was created by McKenzie because she wants to lift female entrepreneurs onto a higher platform by showcasing their products through subscription box, which tailored around the women receiving it.

Southern Hospitality weaves its way into every aspect of SurSHE. From the strength of the creator to the power of the products and services, when you open a SurSHE box you will feel the positive energy of every woman who has contributed to your unexpected gift.

We asked McKenzie to share FIVE FUN FACTS about herself in order to get to KNOW her better:

1. I am married to my college sweetheart, we have been together for ten years and have a 2 year old daughter, Emilia, who is a tiny CEO in the making!
2. My favorite past time is gardening, from roses and lavender to tomatoes and zucchini, I LOVE spending hours and hours in my garden from Spring until Summer!
4. My love languages are gifts and acts of service, which is exactly what my company does for its customers! We provide beautiful, curated gift boxes for customers and helps female owned businesses grow by putting their brand in our boxes and telling their story to the world!
5. I am a Bravo-holic and watch almost every single show they have!
My perfect day would be spent on a beach reading a spiritual/self-help book!

If you’d like a box of your own or need a great gift idea, the Valentine’s Day Box & Galentine’s Day Box are going on sale mid-January and ship right before Valentine’s Day! In addition, her Spring Box launches on March first!

We also asked McKenzie a final question: What does female empowerment mean to you?
For me, female empowerment means paving the way for women to be able to become who, and what they want to be. Whether they want be a CEO, stay at home mom, teacher or president, giving women the love, respect and support they need to become their greatest self is true female empowerment!

To connect with McKenzie, make sure to follow her on:
Instagram: @shopsurshe

You can find McKenzie on page 44 of KNOW Charlotte Vol. 2!