Faces of KNOW: Leslie Council Lake


Leslie Council Lake is a powerhouse woman, a role model to the youth, and a mother to her two daughters. Leslie is the founder of My Sistah Taught Me That (MSTMT), a youth development program which launched in 2016. MSTMT is the female cohort to the reputable programming of My Daddy Taught Me That (MDTMT) founded by Leslie’s husband, Keynon Lake.

Leslie is native to Asheville and serves as a mentor for over 200 youth. Her passion to lead and impact young, future leaders is beyond admirable.  MSTMT has an inspiring mission to foster the development of young girls into becoming healthy and honorable adults. As part of the program, MSTMT provides a stable environment, extracurricular activities, and accompanies young girls throughout their adolescent years. The program practices a boots-on-the-ground approach by being supporters for their youth at schools, in their homes, and in the workforce. Programming is offered multiple times per week and even some weekends. This includes discussion groups, curriculum teaching on topics such as healthy relationships, finances, self-esteem, multicultural history, arts and crafts, physical activities and more. Her courage and empowerment to the youth is beyond notable.

We asked Leslie to share FIVE FUN FACTS in order to get to KNOW her better:

  1. 1. I manage neurology services for Mission Health by day and run a community nonprofit organization for young girls by night. I’m also involved in many initiatives to increase awareness around diversity and inclusion for underserved populations across the country.
  2. 2. I am passionate about fashion, music, travel,  and family. I’m a public speaker and am also in the process of publishing my first book.
  3. 3. I have two daughters, Kaila and Layla, and an awesome husband who co-manages the nonprofit with me.
  4. 4. I’m a native of Asheville – a country, mountain girl with a little city girl swag.
  5. 5. I am a firm believer in God and His grace give me the strength to serve my passion each and every day.

To engage with Leslie, you can find her at: 

My Sistah Taught Me That has their annual fashion show coming up on October 6th, 2019. It is an awesome event for the entire family!

To follow Leslie Council Lake, find her on: 

Instagram: @mysistahtaughtmethat + @lesliecouncillake , or visit her website www.mysistahtaughtmethat.org

Leslie is on page 65 of our Vol. 1 Asheville Book.