Faces of KNOW: Leah Howard

Leah Howard is the co-founder of Cultivated Cocktails and 2019 KNOW Asheville Featuree.

Being a native of Asheville, there’s something special about watching the city grow and thrive. Leah is honored to be in the small business community and give back to the place that made her who she is today.

The Distillery Business wasn’t in her original plan, but some things happen for just the right reasons. Leah’s husband, Taylor, had a desire to see a distillery in their Beer City, and she fell in love with his plan. Running the day to day, fighting for the distilling community to have more options and freedom, and seeing the enjoyment of people sipping their product are just a few of the things that have made their dreams come true.

Together, they are cultivating an experience for the craft drinker at Cultivated Cocktails, that take you from raw ingredients to a craft cocktail. A lifestyle, for those who enjoy sipping on something finer and carefully created.

Leah and her husband recently won another bronze medal for their Hazel 63 Rum and a silver medal for their Hwy 9 Gin. When Leah’s not at the distillery, you can find her decorating and enjoying her hometown.


We asked Leah to share FIVE FUN FACTS in order to get to KNOW her better:

1. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was young and was told I couldn’t play any sports. I ended up running in NC track meets, placing 4th in the state; I played soccer throughout my educational career, and still play today. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t!

2. I am deathly afraid of parking garages. (No joke).

3. I love to decorate—it’s my stress relief!

4. I am Gluten-Free.

5. I was born and raised in Asheville.


To engage with Leah Howard, you can connect with her:

As Cultivated Cocktails rolls out their new plans for the Distillery. They have a big Launch Party coming up to be announced soon!

To follow Leah, catch her at:

Instagram: @cultivatedcocktails

Website: hhdistillery.com

Leah can be found on page 30 of our 2019 KNOW Asheville Book.