Faces of KNOW: Latasha Causey


Today’s spotlight is on Latasha Causey. Latasha is a community advocate and founder of Curlyishfro – an inspirational fashion blog designed to encourage women to be OK with their true authentic self. Latasha is a 2018 KNOW Phoenix featuree, and can be found on page 38 of our KNOW Phoenix Volume 1 book.

The real question to ask when asking about Latasha is, “What doesn’t she do?” Latasha is an empowering leader. From being a mother to her two boys, co-chairing three major non-profit community events last year, to motivational speaking for local business leaders and groups, you can be sure that Latasha is always dreaming up ways to be helping and involved in her community.

In 2020, we are pleased to hear that Latasha is co-chairing the YWCA Tribute to Leadership luncheon with a fellow KNOW tribe sister, Drena Kusari! We love when our sisters team up. She is also very excited to co-chair the Valley of the Sun United Way, Women United Luncheon next May.

Although Latasha is busy changing the world one event at a time, she still makes time to go to her sons’ baseball games every weekend. She has even become the official score keeper! In her other spare time, Latasha enjoys spending time with her family and going to local restaurants with her husband. Some of her favorites include Chelsea’s Kitchen, Fajita’s, The Original Garcia’s Mexican Food, and Durant’s. One of Latasha’s bucket list items is to win the lottery when it is at an all time high! Good luck Latasha!


You can keep up with Latasha Causey and all of her events on Instagram @chttp://instagram.com/curlyishfro or on Facebook or Twitter as Latasha Causey. Or follow he Curlyishfro Blog!