Faces of KNOW: Kelli Tennant


The radiant Kelli Tennant is our Faces of KNOW feature for today. Kelli is a 2019 LA KNOW Book featuree who can be found on page 23 of our first edition LA KNOW book.


Kelli is an autoimmune warrior, fighting health issues that began at the young age of 19. Through her own journey to a healthy body, she discovered that her physical healing had a lot to do with quieting the mind and finding her authentic voice. This view of health has completely transformed her life. From this transformation, Kelli founded the Ceremony Wellness Podcast + became creator of The Journey Within healing series.

On her Ceremony Wellness Podcast, Kelli is known to have authentic conversations with leading voices in wellness, alternatives medicine, and personal development. She aspires to give women the tools to heal and create the life they’ve been longing for. Kelli has a natural ability to hold space and guide women to become their best selves.

Kelli is an inspirational warrior with so much to say on the topic of healing and overall growth as a human. We asked Kelli to give us a couple of fun facts to learn more about her. Here is what she answered:

  1. 1. She’s 6’1’’ and stopped growing at the age of 12!
  2. 2. She was the captain of the volleyball team at USC, where they went to the Final Four!
  3. 3. She loves tacos more than anything.
  4. 4. She’s a total introvert, who just happens to host her own show!
  5. 5. Her favorite movie is Pretty Woman. (Big Julia Roberts fan)

One more fun fact she mentioned is that she spoke at the Z Center for Sexual Abuse in Chicago after coming forward with assault allegations against a former colleague and mentor. She spoke to the audience about speaking their truth, standing in your light, and giving others permission to do the same. How amazing!

COMING SOON: Kelli has a full day of wellness, learning from world-renowned functional and Ayurvedic doctors, best-selling authors, life and dating coaches, spiritual development mentors and much more coming up this October the 5th. The event is called Ceremony Wellness: LIVE and is an event to mark your calendars for!

Stay in the KNOW with Kelli

You can follow Kelli on Instagram @kellimtennant or visit her website kellitennant.com to find more updates and tickets to her event Ceremony Wellness: LIVE.