Faces of KNOW: Kalia Gounden 


Today’s spotlight is Kalia Gounden, a 2018 and 2019 featuree of KNOW Calgary. Kalia can found on page 78 of our 2018 Calgary KNOW Book. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, which is entirely true when viewing this picture of Kalia above. This picture shows Kalia Gouden exemplifying her natural radiance and passion hosting one of the events offered by her business, Kakes & Kanvas. Kalia is the founder of Kakes & Kanvas Inc. (K&K) where she combined both painting and baking into one creative business venture.


Kalia’s passion doesn’t stop at painting and baking. She was born multi-cultural (half Italian, half Guyanese) and raised in Calgary, so naturally she loves traveling the world and immersing herself into new cultures. She is even multi-lingual, fluent in French!
Regardless of where in the world Kalia is, she is bound to seek out her favorite food – pizza – and if it’s a sunny day on vacation, she might even indulge in a rum drink! One last fun fact about Kalia is that she has her black belt in Shotokan Karate. She is a women of many talents!



Above all, Kalia lives in gratitude for being able to share both of her passions (baking and painting) with the world while simultaneously evoking positive change. Keep shining, Kalia.




Upcoming happenings for Kalia: She is hosting Paint Night on September 14 & 15 at ABF The Mashing in Calgary.

To find out more about her events, initiatives, and lifestyle, follow Kalia Gouden on Instagram or Facebook @kakesandkanvas and @kaliagounden or check out her website www.kaliagounden.com