Faces of KNOW: Julie Curry



To KNOW Julie Curry is to KNOW incredible baked goods and desserts. Julie is a 2018 KNOW featuree found on page 50 in our 2018 Tampa KNOW book. Julie started a local Tampa bakery, Bake’n Babes, in 2013 with a vision to bring high-quality desserts to customers without sacrificing flavor. 

Bake’n Babes sources the finest ingredients and prides itself on using locally sourced, and preservative-free ingredients. The picture to the left shows Julie in Belgium learning about the “Leige Waffles,” which are made in her bakery. You know you’re passionate about something when you’re learning about it on vacation!


Julie taught herself all there is to know in the kitchen! She didn’t grow up cooking, however her desire for cooking and baking was inspired after having her daughter. Julie wanted to provide her with healthy, wholesome food.


Aside from spending her time perfecting her craft in the kitchen, this Tampa native loves adventure and travel. Julie even got married in Japan (see wedding photo to the right), and once got stuck on top of Mt. Fuji overnight–yikes! Her husband and her make an effort to travel internationally at least once a year.


Bake’n Bakes has been mentioned multiple times in publications as the “best dessert places in Tampa”, and also as the most “Instagram worthy!” We can see why, looking at this most recent “freakshake” pictured at the left. The bakery was featured on This Babe Eats Instagram on Aug. 3rd and is also honored to be a part of the Parc’s Top Chef event on Aug. 22nd! Julie’s pastry chef skills are truly one of a kind and Tampa is so lucky be located near such delicious treats.

Visit www.bakenbabes.com for more recent updates on the bakery, or follow @bakenbabes / @julie_bakenbabes for some mouth watering posts! You can also get a hold of Julie Curry on Linkedin at Julie Bake’n Babes.