Faces of KNOW: Emma Catarino

Emma Catarino is the brand strategist and graphic designer for Emma Catarino Designs. She is a 2018 KNOW Raleigh Featuree and our KNOW Book + Tribe graphic designer.

A branding and graphic design firm established in 2004, Emma Catarino Designs offers clean, effective graphics to help clients cater to their target audience through branding, logos, publication design, invitations, cards, announcements, and more.

Emma is a mother, entrepreneur, a dog-lover and a wannabe-foodie. She loves her family, music, art, theater, and dancing. She’s creative and always has been—she was an aspiring fashion designer at 8 years old and at 13, she was designing her first logo. Art and design are apart of who she is. She spent several years living in Europe, where her love for art and design flourished which set her on her current path.

Design ignites her. Creating fulfills her. Sharing her heart with clients through her art revives her. Over the last 18 years, she has worked with companies within a variety of industries ranging from real estate to publishing. She’s designed logos, billboards, invitations, annual reports and helped companies rebrand to drive cohesion throughout their platforms.

Over time, her focus has turned towards empowering women and working with other female entrepreneurs. This is one of the reasons why she loves being the lead designer of the KNOW books! KNOW’s mission perfectly aligns with her own, and she is honored to be a part of the Tribe.


We asked Emma to share FIVE FUN FACTS about herself for us to get to KNOW her better:

1. I love to be outdoors, preferably near the mountains or a lake.

2. I designed my first logo in the 9th grade when I lived in Portugal.

3. I absolutely love seafood—I’d happily eat fish every day.

4. My favorite place I’ve visited is Yosemite National Park!

5. Being with my family is what makes me happiest.


If you want to engage with Emma, you can find her at:

KNOW Tribe launch parties in Raleigh, where one of her books is unveiled. Every launch feels like a gallery showing her work, she says.

If you want to follow Emma, connect with her on:

Instagram: @emmacdesigns

Website: www.emmacatarino.com

You can find Emma on page 24 of our 2018 KNOW Raleigh Book.