Faces of KNOW: Elise Brathwaite

Elise brathwaite is a SRT Practitioner and 2019 KNOW Edmonton Featuree!

Elise’s passion is helping individuals clear energetic programming that blocks them from living life to their fullest positive potential. By working with a person’s High Self, she opens the Akashic records to locate the programs help in past lives. Once cleared, individuals experience more joy and life balance in mind, body, and spirit.

SRT works on a soul level to help eliminate physical, mental, and emotional and spiritual challenges that could include areas such as: relationships, life purpose, spiritual connectivity, marriage, career, finances, depression, weight loss, addictions, illnesses, anxiety, aches and general wellbeing.

Elise comes from a strong line of intuitive Irish ancestors and has overcome challenges in her own life that gives her a powerful insight to working and helping others. Her passion to help others to transform their lives has inspired her ability to empower people to come into power as she did with her own.

Apart from helping others, Elise loves to adventure, experience connection, and be an amazing mother to her two sons.

We asked Elise to share FIVE FUN FACTS about herself in order to get to KNOW her better:

1. I am known for being super spontaneous and will road trip anywhere at the drop of a dime!
2. A few things on her bucket list include: swimming with great whites, sitting and learning from the teachings + the grandmothers and grandfathers of the world, visiting all the sacred sites of the world, and planning a Mary Magdalene group tour for 2021!
3. I would prefer to live on a liquid diet–I find having to stop to eat incredibly inconvenient! Although I will always make time for chocolate!
4. I grew up in Montreal and I am fluent in French.
5. I am that mom, soccer, basketball, hockey mom. The volunteer for every field trip and committee mom. The mom who comes across every lost animal and finds their home, who adopts a dog, rescues a cat out of a hot car mom.

To engage with Elise, you can catch her at:
Dec 14: SRT Group Clearing and Sacred Ceremony : Awakening to the Cosmic Mother
Dec 29: SRT Group clearing 2020 Clear Vision: Stepping into the New Year in Purpose
Jan 2020 The Goddess Series Dates TBA
Feb 14 -20 Become an SRT Practitioner Course
Private sessions and these classes can be found at
www.elisebrathwaite.com or www.lifestylemeditation.com

To follow Elise, you can connect with her on: