Faces of KNOW: Danielle Pilon 



Today’s Faces of KNOW featuree is Danielle Pilon, who can be found on page 24 in our 2019 Edmonton KNOW book. Danielle Pilon is a women who defies the odds around many people’s least favorite thing to do: taxes!  She is energetic, sincere, and a passionate woman who fell in love with helping manage taxes for a living. This passion led her to creating her business – Danielle’s SOS Accounting, Bookkeeping & Income Tax Services.

Danielle has brought together a team of skilled professionals with experience servicing businesses, educational organizations and independent professionals to create a business that specializes in not only small business accounting, but also to help in emergencies with short-term assistance or lengthy arrangements: hence the name, “SOS!”



Danielle’s drive doesn’t stop at taxes. She’s also a mom, a wife, and a woman who has many notable goals. When asked what her bucket list consisted of, she listed that she would like to create and sell a five million dollar company, write a book and sell one hundred thousand copies, see the pyramids, and buy a private island! These are exciting and impressive goals to say the least, and show exactly what type of woman Danielle is – a woman with fire in her belly and coffee in her bloodstream. She told KNOW that she loves everything about coffee – the drink, the culture… the memes. Her humor shined through when she made a joke saying “There’s a little blood in my caffeine system!”


Danielle Pilon has also created the site www.shehustlecollective.com, an online community for women who are pursuing their dreams! She will be public speaking for Hustle – A Female Entrepreneur at one of their events on August 18th at Rundle Park Family Recreation area in Edmonton, CA. She also recently launched her coaching program through the site. Check out www.shehustlecollective.com/coaching for her coaching program and online membership or her other site www.daniellesosbookkeeping.com for all of your tax needs. You can also keep up with her on Instagram @daniellesoservices.