Faces of KNOW: Trang Wong & Chau Lui

Trang Wong and Chau Lui are co-owners of Paris Jewellers—a luxury retail brand—and 2019 KNOW Edmonton Featurees.

What was once a dream, became a rewarding reality with the hard work and passion of Trang and Chau’s family. Their parents moved to Canada in 1985 from Vietnam to create a better life and pursue a family-operated career. Beginning as a humble Jewellery and Repair store, their business has now expanded to 27 locations across four provinces.

Trang and Chau were there from the beginning. Their mother taught them the core values that drive them to lead the company today. Gratitude, sincerity, and kindness are a powerful constant in their lives. With those values, they can spread happiness and celebrate moments through their jewellry.

Each piece they sell can bring joy to someone’s life, whether it’s sparked from an occasion, a celebration, or a meaningful milestone. They’re passionate about creating a happy and memorable customer experience as they continue building a strong environment within Paris Jewellers. They hope the legacy they leave behind will be one of quality work and joy as they work hard to give back to their community.

Apart from jewels and diamonds, you can find these sisters with their family and crossing things off their bucket list.


We asked Trang and Chau to share FIVE FUN FACTS in order to get to KNOW them better:

1. Trang and Chau both love carbs—pasta is their absolute favorite.

2. Trang loves all animals, especially dogs!

3. Chau loves to run to stay active.

4. Trang is a mother of three—two girls & one boy, and Chau is a mother to two girls.

5. Trang’s bucket list: Travel to St. Lucia; Chau’s bucket list: Run another half marathon at Epcot Disney.


To engage with Trang and Chau, find them at:

Their new store that’s opening in October in Kelowna, BC. They have partnered with Mamas for Mamas in Kelowna for a special limited edition “Joy” necklace, where 100% of the profits will be donated to Mamas for Mamas.

To follow Chau Lui & Trang Wong, catch them at:

Instagram: @ParisJewellersCanad & @chautlui, Facebook: Paris Jewellers Official Page

Trang and Chau can be found on page 48 of the 2019 KNOW Edmonton Book.