Celebrating 4 Women Latino Entrepreneurs: Shaping Success and Breaking Barriers

By Myra Stacey

In a world where entrepreneurship knows no boundaries, women of diverse backgrounds are carving their paths to success. Among these inspirational women are four remarkable Latino entrepreneurs who have achieved notable milestones, shattered barriers, and defied expectations. As we celebrate the rich Hispanic heritage, we must highlight these trailblazers who have made their mark in various industries.

These women have harnessed their creativity, determination, and innovation to build thriving businesses that impact their communities and beyond. Their stories testify to the resilience, ambition, and tenacity that define the Latino entrepreneurial spirit.

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of these four Women Latino Entrepreneurs who have left an indelible mark on the business world and continue to inspire the next generation of leaders.

Lynne Kimmich

Cecilia Pierola  |  Ceci Energy & Sound / Elevate

Ceci P is an expert energy and sound healer. Before energy work and healing came into her life, she traveled the world working in international marketing and business development for international startups. In 2012, she launched her own company specifically designed for women. In 2019, she had some extraordinary experiences that triggered a spiritual awakening and rediscovering of her gifts and true purpose. Today, she helps others awaken, heal, and love again. Originally from Argentina, she got certified as a Spiritual Counselor and a Metaphysician Practitioner and Healer from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies. Ceci works with a team of spiritual doctors to give you that extra push, to open you up to receive help, healing, and energies from the higher dimension of love inside you. Using the application of color and sound therapeutics and channeling divine energy helps to restore balance and pranic energy flows and to heal and assist in healing disease and other imbalances in the physical and subtle bodies. Some of her practices include Crystal Healing, Distance Healing, Sound and color, Past Life Regressions, Lotus and trance Healing. She hosts regular sound baths journeys, events, and healing training in Scottsdale, AZ.

Lynne Kimmich

Bird Mejia  |  Art of Balance, LLC

Bird Mejia comes from a lost lineage of healers & intuitives from her indigenous Mexican ancestors. She is trained in Naam Yoga, Reiki, Chakra Healing, Shamanism, and Breathwork and meditation. Bird has earned two Master’s degrees and combines her graduate work in psychotherapy with her life experience to offer guidance, mentorship, and retreats. She specializes in helping you reconnect with your joy and life purpose and heal the ancestral trauma that shows up as repeating patterns in your life and lineage. These patterns can include diseases such as cancer, depression, anxiety, addiction, narcissism, and broken relationships, just to name a few.

Lynne Kimmich

Ciji Castro  |  Domestic Gourmet

Ciji Castro, the talented Latina entrepreneur, celebrates her heritage through mouthwatering Cuban and Puerto Rican recipes. With a trailblazing spirit, she’s a standout figure in the culinary world. Recognized as the foodie mastermind behind Domestic Gourmet, she was named “Woman To Watch 2023” by Tampa Magazine .Her success shines through prestigious partnerships with Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Michelin Guide, NBC, and Disney on Ice. Collaborating with Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants, Domestic Gourmet has garnered praise from patrons and industry professionals. Her captivating personality and passion for food inspire aspiring chefs and home cooks worldwide.

Lynne Kimmich

Alondra Hupe  |  Wedding & Event Planner

Desert Daisy Events officially took off in October 2022. It was the first step in a long, beautiful, wild journey. For years, I’d put together family events and constantly being told that I should do this for a living. I had different career goals that started in pharmacy and then later transferred to writing studies instead. I wanted to be a copywriter and, one day, a publisher/editor. Never did I imagine that I would take my loved one’s advice till last year. I planned my entire wedding, and so many strangers in the wedding business believed I had hired a professional. I took the chance, and in April 2023, I quit my corporate job, vowing never to return to the corporate world again. Coming from an immigrant Mexican father and my mother’s side all immigrants as well, this wasn’t common. Many of my family members did not have the privilege to start businesses in the States. But my mother reminded me that my grandfather, an entrepreneur at heart, had created a wealthy business in Mexico and that it was in our blood to be business owners. I pushed all Summer – day and night to build my business. I asked questions, attended networking events, and made friends in the wedding vendor world. Now, I’ve booked 15 weddings at our year mark, and the inquiries never stop. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions with the good days; there are bad ones. But I remind myself that I am doing this for my future family to have a legacy to build on, and I also do this for my ancestors who sacrificed to build my family a life in America. Because without them, I wouldn’t be here today as a Mexican-American woman building a business from the ground up.