Masterclass: Mastering the Emotions of Money



Thursday May 28, 2020 | 10:00am AZ Time | 1:00pm EST

In this training, Melissa Ternes teaches you how to:

How to reduce financial stressors | Why it’s crucial to align with your dream so you can boost your bottom line. | The special sauce most money gurus aren’t teaching | And how to do it without deprivation or beating yourself up! | You will leave empowered to transform your relationship with money!

Meet the Teacher

Melissa Ternes is a financial empowerment coach, speaker, author and CEO of Master Your Money Now. Having advised millionaires and multiple six-figure earners, she’s learned that no one is immune from financial stressors! Melissa is most passionate about helping successful women get out of the all-too-common money traps of paycheck to paycheck living, juggling money while growing a business, and not having enough to invest. She shows women how to go from making money to building wealth, without the pain of deprivation and restriction.


Melissa’s lived that story herself. She’ll tell you she tried over 150 times to stay on a budget before she mastered money! Now, with her signature program, “Aligned Money Life,” Melissa has guided thousands of women on how to completely transform their relationship with money. Her clients become money-savvy, confident, and powerful – ready to keep wealth, grow their businesses, and live the lives they’re dreaming about.[elfsight_instagram_feed id=”1″]