Amplify Her Voice: Tiffany Diggs

KNOW Book + Tribe kicked off a brand new series called Amplify Her Voice. It is a storytelling series focused on amplifying the voices of our Black female business leaders and members. Each day we will be featuring one new KNOW member and they will be sharing their stories and advice.

Meet Tiffany Diggs, Realtor for Keller Williams Realty

Tiffany Diggs is a determined real estate agent in Charlotte, North Carolina for Keller Williams Ballantyne. She credits her children to the state of her journey in real estate. As a former stay at home mom entering the workforce, she knew she needed flexibility to remain as present as possible. Tiffany fell in love with the home selling and buying process. One of her biggest joys is to see a first time buyer purchase something that they did on their own.


Watch the Tiffany’s Story Here


Takeaways from Tiffany: 

1. Real estate isn’t all about freedom. “Sometimes it’s not all freedom. You have to get to a point to where you can have that opportunity, to where you can make your own schedule. But if you work hard, you can definitely get there.

2. Trust your intuition“One thing I remember my Mom would always tell me, is that us women have an intuition, this feeling, so when you feel that feeling, trust it.”

Why Tiffany joined KNOW:

“I joined the KNOW Tribe because I was feeling lost and wanted to get more network with women of business and just didn’t know where to go. I would go to networking events and see a room full of men and a couple of women there, and I just, feel we didn’t have that connection. I just wanted to join a network to where I have a support I can call on. If I need internet marketing, I can call my sister, my KNOW Tribe sister and say, “Hey, can you help me with this?” We have this network and I think it’s just amazing.

“I think right now, in the time that we’re in, we definitely want to see more diversity. I know that was one of the biggest things with KNOW Tribe.”

“We have that sisterhood and I’m just so grateful to be a part of it.

Tiffany Diggs is featured in KNOW Charlotte Volume 2 on page 72.

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