Amplify Her Voice: Susan Lovelle

KNOW Book + Tribe kicked off a brand new series called Amplify Her Voice. It is a storytelling series focused on amplifying the voices of our Black female business leaders and members. Each day we will be featuring one new KNOW member and they will be sharing their stories and advice.

Meet Susan Lovelle, Founder & CEO of Premire Wellness

Susan is an ambitious business woman on her third career. Her drive + hustle is beyond inspiring. In this episode of Amplify Her Voice, Susan shares the journey to finding her true passion in life – holistic medicine.  From to professional ballerina to successful plastic surgeon to NOW global holistic health practitioner, Susan is focused on helping high-achieving women get back to optimal well being.


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Takeaways from Susan: 

1. Never too Young. You are never too young or too old to start making lifestyle changes that are going to impact your life. Because a year from now, you’re either going to be where you want to be, or you’re just going to be a year older.”

2. Consider your Future“We all know about how important it is for prenatal nutrition for both the mom and the baby. So why would we want that to stop at nine months? We each have one glorious body that has so much wisdom and healing capacity within it.”

3. Make Good Decisions. “Choosing to eat the best food that you can at any one particular time, sleeping, prioritizing your self care, and most important, not accepting that chronic conditions like fatigue, obesity, depression, and other chronic diseases are normal and acceptable.”

Susan’s Vision: “My vision is to see a ripple effect of people who are taking back control of their own health, beating chronic conditions, like diabetes, obesity, hormones, fatigue, [and] living the lives that they want, and then bringing that message of optimal wellness to all of those around them.

Susan Lovelle is featured in KNOW Raleigh Volume 2.

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