Amplify Her Voice: Nakeisha Nance

KNOW Book + Tribe kicked off a brand new series called Amplify Her Voice. It is a storytelling series focused on amplifying the voices of our Black female business leaders and members. Each day we will be featuring one new KNOW member and they will be sharing their stories and advice.

Meet Nakeisha Nance, Owner of Premier Beauty

Nakeisha Nance, a mother of two, was born and raised in Charlotte. She is the owner of Premier Beauty, a VIP luxury service that offers beauty services to your location of choosing. 


Learn more about Nakeisha Nance here


Takeaways from Nakeisha:

Make Mistakes: “I am a strong believer that you learn better and more from your failures then you do from your successes. When you fail at something, you learn at that thing.” 

What Nakeisha would tell her younger self:

“Go for it. Don’t second guess yourself as much. “

“Make mistakes. Make plenty of mistakes”

“Don’t let any situation, anyone, or anything take away your smile.”

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Nakeisha Nance is featured in KNOW Charlotte Volume 2.

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