Amplify Her Voice: Kendra Johnson

KNOW Book + Tribe kicked off a brand new series called Amplify Her Voice. It is a storytelling series focused on amplifying the voices of our Black female business leaders and members. Each day we will be featuring one new KNOW member and they will be sharing their stories and advice.

Meet Kendra Johnson, Writer and Former General Manager for Xenia Hospitality at Iliois Noche

Kendra was nominated for KNOW Charlotte Volume 1 when she was the first black general manager for Xenia Hospitality at Iliois Noche. After being in the restaurant industry for more then twenty years, she completely changed her path in life and is completely different space mentally, emotionally, and physically. She is now a writer for AAA commercials and a local radio station and is currently exploring voiceover work as well.


Takeaways from Kendra: 

1. Leap of Faith. “If I am going to put this much time and energy building someone else’s dream, then why can’t I do the same thing and build my own dream. So that is exactly what I did.”

In her previous job she climbed the ladder and got to a stopping point. Her resume looked great, but she did some soul searching and has now found what she is truly passionate about!

Kendra Johnson is featured in KNOW Charlotte Volume 1

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