Amplify Her Voice: Kelsey Campbell

KNOW Book + Tribe kicked off a brand new series called Amplify Her Voice. It is a storytelling series focused on amplifying the voices of our Black female business leaders and members. Each day we will be featuring one new KNOW member and they will be sharing their stories and advice.

Meet Kelsey Campbell, Olympic Wrestler and National Team Member for Team USA

Kelsey Campbell began her career as a wrestler in high school after being dared by her friends to join the team. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona to help with college-aged ministry at Arizona State, where she later became the first female to wrestle on the team. After winning the Olympics Trials as the underdog multiple times, Kelsey’s new goal is to  win the Olympics in 2021. With the games being postponed a year, Kelsey is grateful for more time to train, along with the opportunity to  inspire others. After she wins the Olympics next year, she will pursue her childhood dream of becoming a singer.


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Takeaways from Andrea: 

1. The Sky is the Limit. “If you believe hard enough and you are creative enough in your own thinking, the sky is the limit.”

2. Work Hard. “Situations where you have a crazy dream [and ask] how do I get there? The middle zone is such a blur. When you are working so hard to just level up its hard to see too far ahead.”

3. Do the Impossible “it has been great to live this life and do the impossible”

Kelsey Campbell is featured in KNOW Phoenix Volume 3.

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