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A Little Bit of Everything A Know Woman Needs to Thrive: From Hustle to Harmony

Sherry Jackson |  Envisage Wellbeing, LLC  |  KNOW Phoenix

Does every day feel like a hustle? For driven women who love their calling, it’s easy to put personal needs on the back burner. As entrepreneurs, we put maximal energy into creating. As businesswomen, we keep everything organized and on track. And as professionals, we consistently hold it all together. When passion and ambition drive us, it’s tempting to pour all our energy into our work, which can lead us to neglect our own wellbeing.

We might skip regular eye exams or doctor appointments, forgo the gym, or push back a massage for another week because something else came up. Maybe we’ve carved out an hour for ourselves, only to give it up when a friend asks for our time. A quick check of our email or an accidental scrolling session on social media might eat up our precious downtime as well. We thrive on a busy schedule, but being so regimented often leaves little time for self reflection.

Over time, even if our work feels like play, we risk heading toward depletion and burnout if we don’t recharge.

Failing to care for our needs can lead to trust issues with ourselves as we put others or our careers first. If we want to sustain ourselves at this pace, we need more than just ambition, even if our work feels fulfilling at the moment.

When we recognize how essential our relationship with our inner selves is, we can learn to listen to our body’s signals. Our nervous system starts signaling for attention, whispering, “Please replenish me.” While it might soldier on, it eventually needs a refill. The signals get louder, and if we ignore them, they can become a wake-up call we can’t ignore. Prioritizing our well-being as separate from our accomplishments allows us to accomplish more—and thrive! Think of this as building a relationship with your nervous system. Small efforts, like being mindful and paying attention to our bodies, can significantly impact our long-term vitality and effectiveness.

Try This: A simple strategy is setting a two-minute timer in the morning and afternoon. During those two minutes, stop what you’re doing and take a break. It’s easy, and you can build on it as your nervous system learns to trust that you’ll listen. By taking these short breaks, you signal to your nervous system that you’re paying attention. This helps you start to build a relationship with your nervous system/body.

This practice also gives you a chance to make adjustments when needed. For example, if a headache is coming on, you can take a ten-minute break with the intention of feeling better, stopping the headache before it takes hold. The break should be relaxing and uninterrupted—maybe a cup of tea while sitting silently or looking out the window.

Our nervous system waits for attention and care. If we neglect it, our bodies’ whispers can turn into screams. This is burnout, and while we can still function, we’re not at our best. Pushing beyond our limits without refilling ourselves isn’t sustainable. When we’ve overextended ourselves and aren’t performing or handling things as before, we might think something is wrong or defective. But we’re not defective—we’ve just neglected to protect our resources.

Hopefully, you never experience full-on burnout, but if you do, you can bounce back. You don’t need to drop everything and go “Eat Pray Love” style, although that could be fabulous.  Instead, start by identifying your boundaries and priorities, developing your own personal code of ethics .

By cultivating a relationship with your nervous system and with your inner self, you ensure that you can continue to give energy to the things that are important to you, while also nurturing your wellbeing. Ultimately, you’ll be even more fabulous than ever! 

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More About Sherry 

Sherry Jackson is the owner and founder of Envisage Wellbeing. She is a Life Strategist, clinical hypnotherapist, and speaker. With over twenty years of corporate leadership experience, she is passionate about empowering ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their highest potential professionally and personally so they can thrive and avoid burnout.