7 Inspiring Female LEADERS Every Woman Should KNOW

Aren’t women incredible? 

We’ve been featuring these incredible women ALL MONTH LONG @KnowTribe, and we are sharing them again here, because they are truly women to know.  Whether they are excelling in their career, their sport, or just generally being an inspiration to us all, these women inspire us to do GREAT things.

Diana Taurasi

Success is the word that defines Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi at every level of basketball she’s played in throughout her entire career. She has had a 14-year career with the Mercuries. She’s a three-time WNBA Champion, four-time WNBA Olympic gold medalist, eight-time WNBA All-Star, 2009 WNBA MVP, and the WNBA’s all-time leading scorer, and she’s also won three NCAA national championships while at the University of Connecticut. 

You can follow her on Instagram @DianaTaurasi

Chau Lui and Trang Wong

From dreams to reality! Chau Lui and Trang Wong demonstrate the methods of success. From humble beginnings as a jewelry and repair store, their business has grown exponentially to operating at 27 locations across four provinces! PARIS jewelers is a company full of love and gratitude for their customers, and these two women spread joy with every piece they sell. 

Check out their brilliant work @parisjewellerscanada on Instagram!

Danika Patrick

Danika has set records and broken barriers with her on-track performance as a racecar driver. Danika is a powerhouse, and not only because she succeeded in dominating a typically male-focused sport. She has also frequented some top-selling magazines, such as featuring in TIME’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ list. Now her racing days are behind her, Danika loves to enjoy great food, great wine, and focusing on helping others achieve their goals. 

Stay in touch with Danika on Instagram @DanicaPatrick

Catherine Anaya

Catherine Anaya is a longtime media personality. She’s a TV and digital media host at The Social Television Network and contributing host of The Women’s Eye podcast. She’s also a three-time Emmy Award-winning former television news anchor, recently inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle, for more than 25 years of broadcast excellence.

Go follow @CatherineAnaya! You won’t regret it! 

Leslie Council Lake

Leslie Council Lake is the founder of My Sistah Taught Me That (MSTMT), a youth development program that launched in 2016. Leslie is an incredible woman, and is a mentor to over 200 youth! MSTMT’s mission is to help young girls develop into healthy, honorable adults. Leslie Council Lake is one inspiring woman with whom you will definitely want to connect. 

Follow My Sistah Taught Me That @MySistahTaughtMeThat on Instagram! And say hi to @LeslieCLake too! 

Elizabeth Di Maio 

Elizabeth launched Healium Hair in 2007 with her husband. Learning things the hard way, the wrong way and the expensive way also taught her that successful people fail… a lot. All of this paled in comparison to losing her husband in 2017 and becoming a widow at the age of 39 with two small children. That hasn’t stopped her! Healium Hair is currently in over 5,000 hair salons and growing. She also launched the Heal I Am Program, to give back 5% of every sale to one of 3 charities. She is an extraordinary woman. 

You can support Elizabeth’s business by following @HealiumHair on Instagram. 

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