written by Felicia Taghizadeh | CEO  Arizona Facial Plastics | Phoenix, Arizona

Most of us focus on health for some part of our body.  Maybe we drink enough water or work out three times a week.  Some of us take vitamins or drink micro-green smoothies.  But when have made skin health part of your “New Year New You” resolutions?  This is your year!  Here are 5 easy commitments so that 2021 will be your best skin year ever.

  1. Healthy Habits. Make sure that you have a great home-care routine.  Use an effective cleanser, a robust moisturizer, and a Vitamin C serum.
  2. Sunscreen. Protecting your skin is a HUGE plus.  When you use a mineral-based sunscreen, you allow your skin to focus its energy on healing and rebuilding existing damage.  Your skin cells will be healthier which will look better for your face!
  3. Yes, drink water.  And also hydrate your skin.  You can accomplish this goal by scheduling a Hydrafacial treatment every 6 weeks.  You should also incorporate a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum into your routine.  These will both lock moisture into the skin, making it glowy and bright.
  4. Educate Yourself. How much do you know about what’s going on with your skin?  Advanced aesthetic offices will have a Visia camera that will show you how much damage you have, and wherein the skin it is located.  This helps the provider develop tailored treatments to address your unique skin challenges.
  5. You don’t buy a car and then never get the oil changed.  Similarly, if you’d like to keep your face youthful, you will need to invest in it.  You don’t have to spend a lot, so create a budget for the year.  Will you invest in high-quality skin products?  Maybe you’ll schedule quarterly appointments with an aesthetician?  Or perhaps you will get a monthly membership so that you can stay on top of your skin goals.  When you understand your skin health, you can then make the best decision to repair and protect your beautiful face!

Here’s to your glowing and healthy skin in the New Year!

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