3 Steps to Boost Home Office Focus and Productivity

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With the rise of remote work, the home office has become an essential space for many professionals. (But you already knew that because as entrepreneurs, we’ve been working out of our homes for years!) Designing a functional and inspiring home office environment is essential for maximizing productivity, focus, and overall well-being. To improve your productivity and mood, follow these three steps:


1. Prioritize Ergonomics. Ergonomics play a significant role in maintaining comfort and reducing the risk of strain or injury. Consider these key factors:

  •  Ergonomic Desk and Chair: Invest in a height-adjustable desk and ergonomic chair that provides proper posture support. We at SHG recently upgraded from basic to two highly-comfy chairs from top brands in the office chair space and, wow, did it make a difference! Also, try to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor, your knees are at a 90-degree angle, and your arms rest on the desk.
  • Monitor Placement: Position your computer monitor at eye level and an arm’s length away. Adjust the brightness, contrast, and font size to reduce eye strain. Using a laptop and bending your neck to look downwards at it? Place it on a stack of big books, or invest in a stand or secondary monitor.


2. Optimize Lighting. Proper lighting can have a significant impact on your mood and productivity. You probably only think that one light in the room is enough, but there’s more to consider!

  •  Natural Light: Position your desk near a window to benefit from natural light. Natural light promotes focus, reduces eye strain, and boosts mood. Use sheer curtains or blinds to control glare, or turn your monitor in a way that reduces it.
  • Task Lighting: Supplement natural light with task lighting, such as a desk lamp, to provide focused illumination for your work area. Opt for warm white or daylight bulbs that mimic natural light.
  • Ambient Lighting: Consider adding ambient lighting to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Use floor or table lamps to add soft, indirect lighting that complements your work area and helps increase the overall brightness of the room.


3. Reduce Clutter and Organize – A cluttered workspace can hinder productivity and increase stress levels. Adopt these organizational strategies:

  •  Declutter Regularly: Don’t let it pile up! Sort through your desk and remove unnecessary items, putting them away, donating them, or tossing them.
  • Storage Solutions: Invest in practical storage solutions like filing cabinets, shelves, and desk organizers. Use them to categorize and store documents, supplies, and other essentials. You’d be surprised how much space you can create by using little things like an in/out box or magazine storage boxes.
  • Cable Management: Keep cables and cords organized and out of sight using cable clips, cable sleeves, or cable management boxes. This will enhance the overall aesthetics of your workspace. Conveniently, we have some on sale in our Sparkle Shop!


Improving your home office is a worthwhile investment. Use the tips above to transform your home office into a space where you thrive.

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Carol Gavhane is Co-Owner and Chief Sparkler of Sparkle Hustle Grow, an award-winning subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. Having sold thousands of dollars of products online, she understands why being authentic to yourself is the key to business, and she’d love to connect with you if you’re a fellow personal growth and development devotee.Prior to entrepreneurship, Carol worked in the world of advertising for 13+ years. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband and two young kids.