The 100 Women to KNOW Across America Award, presented by JPMorgan Chase is a recognition that showcases the most influential, achieved, and honorable women in our society. Following a nomination and interview process, these women entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, and philanthropists have not only grown their dreams, but have created boundless opportunities for the next generation of female leaders. These women exemplify what it means to be high-achieving and ambitious on the next level and continue to pour into their communities as they do so.

Molly Stockley | City of Hope

Molly is the Regional Vice President of Marketing at City of Hope where she leads the field marketing arena for (3) of their hospitals in Phoenix (AZ), Chicago (IL) and Atlanta (GA). She collaborates with leadership to establish outreach strategies with the purpose to educate and provide high quality cancer care. She has 31 years of experience working within sports and media industries. She is a featured national/regional speaker and philanthropist. She has a Master of Science in Health Communications from Boston University. Originally from New Iberia, Louisiana, she currently resides in Goodyear, Arizona with her husband and two boys.


What advice would you give your younger self?

Put it into the universe and pray on it! Manifest it, see it, feel it and visualize it. All positive thoughts. Now achieve it.

What is your favorite quote?

“Women need other women in their lives who think they are a big deal. No competition. It’s all about I support you, I adore you and I love your energy.”


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