The best businesswomen know that growth strategies can take many forms: from expanding your network or starting an online course to getting out of your own way so you can focus on what matters most.

There are hundreds of small business tips for women entrepreneurs to choose from. We’ve gathered 10 growth strategies that you may want to try.

Let’s dive into some excellent and unexpected strategies for growing your business.

Some popular growth strategies for female entrepreneurs:

  1. Get published! Start a personal or company blog, write a guest blog or write articles for publications like Medium or LinkedIn Pulse.
  2. The best advice for increasing your visibility and potential reach that translates into business growth? Write a book.
  3. Take courses in business, marketing, or other areas that interest you to broaden your knowledge base. More knowledge means more authority and that can translate into more growth opportunities.
  4. Create a strategic alliance. Start networking with people who are more established than yourself–they may be able to offer connections, referrals, and even shared resources. Make sure you are finding ways to connect with new people in both traditional (networking events) or nontraditional places like Facebook groups.
  5. Create a course. If you have expertise in a particular subject, offer an online course to get your message out there and grow your small business at the same time!
  6. Speak on stage or host a workshop. Whether you are presenting to 10 people or 1000, getting out in front of a group helps to bolster your authority. And we know that authority in your industry positions you for growth.
  7. Sponsor a conference or event. Getting your name out to a large audience can be as simple as sponsoring a table or booth at an event.
  8. Launch an affiliate program. If you are passionate about your business, why not share it with others? Start building an audience and contacting bloggers to create partnerships that will help you grow!
  9. Find and fund an advisor or mentor. If you are looking for ways to grow, then someone who has been there can be a source of both inspiration and wisdom.
  10. Get out of your own way. Seems too simple? Think again: this is one of the most important strategies for all entrepreneurs–not just female-owned businesses.
  11. Compete with confidence. Competing with confidence is one of the best skills you can employ. Not only will it help to push your business forward but also give you a great sense of validation when the competition doesn’t get in your way!

Now it’s your turn.

There are limitless strategies for growing your business. Take these ideas to expand your perspective of your own business growth strategy.

Learn from what others have done to reach their growth goals and then do it yourself