The High Achieving Female Podcast™ is a top-rated podcast for ambitious women of all ages who are redefining the meaning of success in the modern age. Inspired by the KNOW Women movement, our hosts lead you through convos with badass women and talk about all things leveling up on socials to capital gain.

“It’s so refreshing to hear from a group of women who care about the growth and development of other women. I really appreciate Sarah (the Founder of The KNOW Women) elevating the voices on her leadership team and members of the KNOW Women community. The podcast is insightful and has many gems of wisdom to help professional women take their skills to the next level! Well done!”

– queenofresults,

We have the most amazing revolving door of hosts! Every week our team will interview the big CEOs you need to know, feature members of the KNOW Women community, and hear from our founder, Sarah Benken!



As an accomplished CEO of 12 years, Sarah Benken has built and scaled her own brands internationally.  She is an award-winning entrepreneur that knows firsthand what it is like to feel the need to connect with ‘her people’ and have trouble finding them.

She is on a mission to provide space for dynamic female leaders to gather, collaborate, and be celebrated for their successes and hard work.

SARAH’S ZONE OF GENIUS: Bootstrapping + Sales


For over two decades, Erica has helped visionary leaders increase their influence + impact. As the founder of Castner Consulting, she provides branding and marketing strategies to speakers, service-based business owners, and content creators.



Sara Mayer, owner, and creator of Sara Mayer Consulting is your go-to expert on organizing your hectic days, weeks, and months into manageable, and functional chunks of work. Sara has personally mastered maximizing every minute of every day and she helps clients boldly achieve without working double-time. Sara was featured in the  KNOW Pheonix 2019, 2020, & 2021 Books. 


Frustrated watching her friends and family spend more money and time on their home renovations, Erica started CrownLane Designs and Construction with a mission to debunk HGTV and provide homeowners with the tools they need to build boldly.  Pulling from her 23+ years in construction, Erica created the signature CrownLane Method which seamlessly delivers renovation and new build projects with  success. 


Katie Soyka is a brand photographer who creates beautiful and clean images to elevate your brand.  She believes that when women invest in themselves through professional photography, they step into their power and raise their voices.  Katie photographed the inaugural KNOW Milwaukee Book in 2020 and serves as Director of Photography for The KNOW Women. 

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KNOW WOMEN is all about giving ambitious women a voice & There’s nowhere better to be Heard than on the high Achieving women podcast.

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