Photographer Spotlight: Meet Dani!

Meet Danielle Agnew, an intimate and moody storyteller who specializes in photographing against-the-grain weddings for laid back and edgy couples. Her other passion is empowering real women through the art of boudoir by inspiring and capturing authentic and dramatic self-love.

This former shift nurse turned creative decided to turn the lemons life gave her into the sweetest lemonade.

Practically overnight, she transitioned her hobby into a passionate career, creating Dani Nicole Photography in 2016 as a way to provide for her two children and herself as a newly single mom.

Whether she’s on a mountaintop or in the fog with a madly in love bride and groom or in her studio helping empower a woman through self-acceptance and confidence, Dani lives and breathers visual storytelling in the rawest forms, and always strives to find beauty in darkness.

We asked Dani to share FIVE FUN FACTS about herself in order to get to KNOW her better:

1. I’m obsessed with organizing. Anything and everything! If I had to choose another career, I’d be a professional organizer.
2. I’m divorced, but getting re-married in January 2020 to my second and final husband!
3. I completed the Spartan Trifecta last year, and even placed in my age group for one of the races. They were some of the most exhilarating and toughest experiences I’ve ever had, yet I surprisingly loved every minute of that hell, but you can bet I won’t ever do it again!
4. I love having my photo taken. I’m the rare photographer who loves being both behind and in front of the camera. I’ve had multiple boudoir sessions done (gotta practice what you preach!), I always hit up the photo booths at the weddings I shoot, I’ve modeled for styled shoots and countless other amateur projects, and I applaud my second shooters when they take behind-the-scenes shots of me.
5. I played the piano and clarinet growing up, was in a prestigious children’s choir and all the advanced chorus classes, and never played any sports.

How has your KNOW Photography experience been?
I was in Volume 1 of the Charlotte book, simply shooting the launch events. I fell in love with the whole concept of KNOW, as well as the feeling of instant comfort and belonging that I’ve never experienced in a networking/women’s group before. I’m an introverted extrovert, and groups of strangers are panic-inducing, so I was thankful to hide behind my camera as I walked into that first launch, but by the time I left and was gearing up for the next night’s event, I honestly didn’t even want to shoot it, I wanted to mingle! Since then, I’m one of the last people to leave the KNOW events I attend in Charlotte, and it still surprises me every time.

After that second event, I told Arden, Charlotte’s ambassador, that I was hooked and I wanted to be more involved for the second book when it was time. I set a lofty goal of photographing every woman in Volume 2. People told me I couldn’t do it, that I needed help – but that only fueled my fire. After an intense summer of round-the-clock photo shoots, editing, phone calls, emails, so much sweat, and so many tears, I finished the book. It was the toughest career challenge I’ve taken on, but the end result was worth everything.

I met so many women, I heard so many stories, I captured so many laughs. My personal and professional network has exploded since, and I get to walk into KNOW events now knowing that each face I see has graced the screens of my camera and my computer, each face and body has been meticulously poured over and perfected for hours by my eyes and by my hands. The connection I have to KNOW tribe is extra special and unique because every woman I photographed now has a place in my heart, because my heart is in my calling, and my calling is represented in the pages of that beautiful, blue book.

To read Dani’s full story on how she got into photography, read here:

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Instagram: @Dani_Nicole_Photography

You can Find Dani on page 65 of KNOW Charlotte Vol. 2