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I founded THRIVE Construction with the intent to provide clients with a dynamic partner who will work personally with them to achieve timely results. We are a One Stop boutique  firm that offers full service design and construction services in both commercial and residential markets. We intentionally restrict our workload to consist of no more than two concurrent projects at any given time in order to allow us to provide our clients with our focused attention. Our mission is to deliver purposeful building solutions that THRIVE upon integrity through a uniquely
energetic, passionate, committed and collaborative process.

Construction is my first love and allows me to DO and BE more in this life! Another reason for starting my own firm was to give back to the community in a purposeful way.
Proceeds from each THRIVE project go toward the MAKE IT COUNT 4 DANI Foundation which promotes
MOVEMENT all over the world for those living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Want to know more, visit www.

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