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Traci Ahlstrom Beagley is following in the family legacy of working with seniors for over 60 years, that her great grandfather and grandpa, Joe and Ross Farnsworth, built in the East Valley in 1958, and currently, her dad, Craig Ahlstrom, continues. Today, Traci’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her in working with seniors in her business, Sunland Home Care. Sunland Home Care provides qualified caregivers to assist people as they age in the comfort of their home. She has been actively involved in all aspects of the business.

Community service is an important conviction to Traci. She was a founding member of the Arizona Family Council. Traci has served in her legislative
district and has, also, enjoyed her membership in the Mesa Rotary.

In 2018, Traci was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although it has been difficult to fight the cancer, she feels grateful for the life lessons she is learning from it. Traci and her husband, Paul, have 3 children.

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