R.E. Simpson School – Alana Ragland and ErikaTwohy

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From teacher to academic coach to administrator, these two leading ladies have had an impact on the education of thousands of students. Alana Ragland and Erika Twohy have invested a combined 45 years in education in low socioeconomic schools. They have worked with students in the highest crime-ridden populations of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Alana and Erika have also welcomed hundreds of refugees from war torn countries to an American Education.

In addition to Alana’s current position of Principal, In2008 she was selected as one of the first cohort members of Aspiring Administrators by the RODEL Foundation. Alana also serves as Co-pastor for a spiritual community in Tucson.

Currently, Erika serves as an Assistant Principal where she has created clubs for empowering Jr. High girls to lead our future. Families say that her relentless passion for the community and families is evident in her caring approach to everyone.

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