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Olivia Fierro is a broadcast journalist who anchors Good Morning Arizona from 6-10 am daily. An Arizonan by choice, she’s a California native who loves the opportunity to be part of Arizona viewers daily routines, starting their days off both with what they need to know, and a smile. While morning show hours are crazy–she says it is the best job in the world: different every day and always unpredictable. Olivia graduated with Bachelor of Art degrees in both History and Women’s Studies from UCLA. A natural gift for gab and insatiable curiosity made journalism a perfect fit. Ever the student, she loves reading (and book clubbing), traveling, and practicing yoga. She embraces every opportunity to give back to the community, supporting various organizations like Dress for Success, March of Dimes, JDRF, and Chicanos Por la Causa. Olivia is blessed with more than a fulfilling career, she is happily married and mommy to the world’s cutest little boy.

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