Do you know the story behind The KNOW Book?

Our founder, Sarah Benken was looking for a place to connect with women who were like-minded, high achieving… She was trying to find her circle. That’s why she created the KNOW Book and now, the KNOW Women membership. She know how important it is to build relationships with women who are like you.

You know that moment when you feel completely in sync with someone? It seems as if you are thinking with the same brain! Conversation is so easy that you lose track of time.

It’s like magic.

The more like-minded your circle of friends, the more relationships you’ll build. At The KNOW Women we want more for you than just networking. We’re about the magic of the relationships you’ll build by being part of our community. We’ve introduced two options for our membership that we’re excited to tell you about.

First, is the Global membership. This is the membership for high-achievers who are building and growing their businesses and looking for community, business education and promotion opportunities. And, if you would love to be featured in one of our books, this is your first step.

The Elite level is for our book-featured members. This membership provides you the opportunity to speak, teach and write as a representative of The KNOW Women.

These are your circles. They are built around having real community and deep conversations, like CEO chats and “Let’s have coffee”.

Think about it, how many people in your other networking groups do you feel comfortable to reach out to if you have an important question?

Surface level acquaintances too often keep us searching for more. The more shallow the connection is, the less connected you feel. How much do you think your business and life would change if you invested in really building relationships?

You can find out by engaging in our Facebook group, joining a chat and becoming a member.

You know this is where you belong so we want to invite you to see just how much more is possible when you dive in and create relationships with other KNOW women.