Faces of KNOW: Arden McLaughlin 



Faces of KNOW: Today we are highlighting one of our very own Directors in the KNOW movement, Arden McLaughlin. Arden is featured on page 20 in our 2019 Charlotte KNOW book. Aside from helping us spread the KNOW mission (to LIFT & RISE!), Arden runs a publicity and marketing business called Definita. Arden is a storyteller at heart and her goal with Definita is to help people tell their stories better and more effectively to meet the goals they are trying to achieve.


Along with running her business, Arden hosts a Book Club once a month that is featured on the news station WBTV. (Hey! We KNOW her! ^ ->)


A North Carolina native, Arden went to UNC Chapel Hill, and is a Tar Heel basketball lover. She is also a huge family girl and is proud to mention acquiring the new title of becoming an Aunt! She admits she may be bias, but says that her new niece is basically the most beautiful and smart person ever created.



The picture to the right features Arden with her cat, Skippyjon Jones, who she says owns her, rather than the other way around. The last fun fact about Arden is that her favorite food is ice cream – but only if it’s the REAL deal – the kind with lots of whole milk, cream, and sugar. 





To learn more about Arden and her initiatives, follow her on Instagram @arden_McLaughlin or find her on LinkedIn.